Drosera is a semi-procedural 3D dungeon-crawling game where the player is tasked with locating a Hyperseed on alien world inhabited by plant-like creatures. This game was designed in Unity.


This game was created for the ATEC Game Lab at UTD during fall 2020.  I served as the sound lead where I looked over a group of sound designer. Other tasks included composition, mixing, and other sound design elements. The game was fully designed in a remote class setting due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Friday is a murder mystery game where the player has to explore and gather evidence in order to find the killer. This game was design in Unity.

The development of Friday was during the Spring of 2020 lasting till the end of Summer 2020. I served as the sound lead where I looked over a group of sound designers and Implemented. Other tasks included mixing, and other sound design elements. After spring break our development team adapted to working remote as we could no longer meet in person due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


 Earth Day

Em, Wit, Travis, and Richard stumble upon a big goverment secret in this Sci-fi Horror film.

My roles in this short film include Production Audio, ADR, Music Composition, Sound Design, Mix & Mastering.


Stargazer is a sci-fi action animated short about two sisters flying their father’s vehicle, the Stargazer, in an attempt to escape the rule of an oppressive robotic alien regime.

This animated short showcases my ability to work with a Sound Design team over the course of a year. Tasks includes Sound Design, Recording Voice Overs, Mix & Master.

Other Reels

Winter 2020 Sound Design

Summer 2019 Sound Design