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Past Work


Sound Design

C Prompt Games

Shortly after leaving Wonder Works Studios I started contract sound design work at C Prompt Games on their 4x strategy game Millennia. The game is focused on alternate history starting from the stone age to medieval, alien invasions, alchemy, and more.

Sound Design tasks included Combat for a variety of units, UI, Improvements, Unit Movements, and Ambience.


Wonder Works Studios

QA / Sound Design

At Wonder Woks Studio I origanally served as an on-site QA worker. While in QA I expressed my intrest and passion for audio. I was at a point doingQA and sound design before mojing to sound design full time.

During my time there I was able to work with a popular Roblox IP, work with major brands including Kellogs and Puma, and help develop concert experiences for EDC and David Guetta.


Jendia Studios

Sound Design / VO Recording, Editing

During the 2020 Pandemic I was with Jendia Studios as a Sound Designer, VO recorder and editor for their upcoming story driven adventure title. As a student at UTD I had access to many different mics, professional outboard gear, and Pro Tools. Other VO recordings were cleaned up using Izotope RX plugins.

For Sound Design and VO editing I used Reaper as my DAW of choice.

UTD Projects

Sound Design


From 2017-2021 I was a student at The University of Texas at Dallas focusing my studies on sound design. I worked on all the projects I could get my hands on including all of the senior level lab classes, sound designing multiple capstones, and Game Jam games.

Some work includes Drosera, Eathday,

Favorite Plugins

Rolling Sampler

Bird Bird.PNG

A must for sound designers, Rolling Sampler records in the background allowing for quick iteration. Perfect if you forgot to hit record when manipulating sounds, recording the output when messing with the session speed or scrubbing through the timeline.

Pro Q 3.PNG

Pro-Q 3


Best EQ I've ever used. Curves can be extremely steep, see input and output of the signal, compare to other signals with Pro-Q 3, and many more features.



Blackhole is a dark, atmospheric reverb able to add character to a sound. It also can be used to create abstract soundscapes that can loop by capturing the tail of the sound with the freeze button.

Black hole.PNG
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