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Survival Shooter Wwise Intergration

This Project is a demonstration on implementing audio on a Unity Demo game using Wwise.

Survival Shooter is a demo game found on the Unity website. In this project the game has enemies that spawn in waves, a character that moves and shoots a gun, and music in the background. The goal was to find existing audio hooks in the game and replace it with Wwise triggers


The first change made in the game was changing the player shoot script found on the player object. Replacing the line calling the shoot sound with the Wwise post event line will allow the sound in the Wwise program to be manipulated in the same way as called in the original script such as randomizing pitch.

Next was finding the enemy death sound effect call and replacing it. In the EnemyHealth script there is a function called Death and a line that calls the death sound. The line can be replaced be a Wwise post event.

Instead of scripting the music events to both start and stop the music could be placed in the background music game object. When the scene is started it will trigger the Wwise event Play_Music to play the music in. When the player dies or the scene is restarted the Wwise event Stop_Music will be called as the background game object is destroyed and restarted from the beginning when the event Play_Music is called again

Player footsteps require a script that has a function to be called as an event key frame. In the footstep script under the function step the Wwise post event Footstep is called and will play every time the function step is called.

In the Player game object there are animations including the player walking animation. By clicking the walking animation and scrolling down there is a section where the animation can be watched on a display and a timeline bar above where the animation can be scrubbed. Below the display there is an event section where markers can be added to the timeline and edited to include what function you want to call, in this case Step(). Looking through the timeline the exact frame when the player appears to have their foot hit the ground the event marker will c the function to play the Wwise event Footstep.

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