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University of Texas at Dallas


Collin College, Plano, TX


Obtained BA Degree in Arts, Technology, and

Emerging Communications with a focus in


Obtained Audio Engineering Certificate

Obtained AAS Degree in Commercial Music

Obtained Associates of Arts Degree for General



C Prompt Games

Contract Sound Designer [Jul 2022 - Oct 2022]

[Jan 2023 - March 2024]

Wonder Works Studios (Sept 2021- June2022)

Sound Designer

[Apr 2022 - June 2022]

Game Tester 

[Sept 2021 - Apr 2022]

Implemented and mixed audio in Unity


Guide the soundscape for upcoming strategy game by selecting sound assets previously made and creating new recorded and designed assets

Communicating cross department to ensure proper sound hookups are created, sounds fit animations, and overall sound cohesion is achieved

Created sounds including UI, ambience, weapons including lasers, guns, explosions, hit, planes, torpedoes and more

Created game audio sounds for clients and Studio IPs ranging from UI, notifications, roleplay elements, ambience, weapons, and obstacle SFX.


Created and managed audio asset lists in task-tracking software and Word-processing software


Collaborated with the audio department & programming team to come up with audio tools and best practices


Created sounds & maintained company sfx library

Worked with Teams/Clients from the conception of the game until launch using a variety of methods.


Report and log issues using task-tracking software utilizing tools to capture data.


Shipped games include: Insomniac World Party(QA/Sound), Froot Loops World(QA/Sound), Timmeh (Episode 2) (QA), F21 Shop City (QA, Sound), Overlook RP (QA, Sound), David Guetta DJ Party (QA), Meta Mall (QA, Sound), PUMA and the Land Of Games (QA), Pooh (Sound), Transient Times (Sound).

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