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About J.C.


I'm J.C. Steed, a sound designer for video games. While working at Wonder Works Studios, a Roblox Games Studio I have been able top develop  games for clients like PUMA and Kellogs as both a sound designer and QA tester. Working within Roblox Studio a key mindset is creating with a mobile first approach. Audio for Mobile needs to be simple but also engaging to keep player retention.

Working with C Prompt as a contract sound designer I'm able to experiment with creating sounds for their Millennia strategy game. Sounds are needed to be grounded in realism, yet subjects and concepts can be abstract allowing to both pair sounds with visuals and tell stories beyond the visuals.

My favorite programs include FL studio for anything music related, Reaper for sound design, and Sound Miner for browsing my sound libraries. Favorite plugins include Fab Filter Q 3, Rolling sampler (a must have for any sound designer), Black Hole by eventide. and Phaseplant.

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